We have been offering Keelshield keel protection strips as an option on our Malibu Boats now for years.  I consider the small initial investment to be cheap insurance on an asset as valuable as a new Malibu.  When you think how much minor keel damage or a repair devalues a boat resale or trade in wise, you can see why most of our boat buyers specify a Keelshield in their options list.

Carl Crowe - CC Marine Malibu Boats  

"I would like to say thanks for a great product. After hitting my Bonito on the boat ramp at Duncan Bay I decided to purchase a Keelshield. I was a little apprehensive about fitting it myself, but after watching your video decided to have a go.  To my surprise it was easier than it looked and went on a treat.  Really impressed with how it looks and how much protection it gives.   Thanks again for a great product."

Ian Boote - Nelson

Having been involved in the Jet Ski industry for many years and having repaired many a damaged ski hull I was interested to see just how well a Keelshield would one, protect a Jet ski hull and two, how well it would stay on a ski.  To date now we have fitted over 30 ski's with Keelshield's and have been very impressed with the results, we have even fitted them over quite badly damaged hulls.  We now regulary fit keelshields as part of our service program and recommend them to any one who has occassion to beach their ski.  They sure beat having to do a fibreglass repair.

Chris Farnley - Farnleys Jet Skis

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