KeelShield Size Cart


Available in lengths from 2' to 50' 


On most boats there is no need to run Keelshield the full length of the keel, only the section of keel that contacts the beach or trailer needs protecting.  Our most popular size sold in New Zealand is our 6ft kit.


Craft Type
KeelShield Length
Most 7ft (See note below)
RIB Beached completely All
Order centreline length
All Boats
To 14ft 5ft 
All Boats
15ft to 16ft 6ft 
All Boats
17ft to 18ft 7ft 
All Boats
19ft to 21ft 8ft 
All Boats
22ft to 24ft 9ft 
All Boats
25ft to 26ft 10ft 
All Boats
27ft to 28ft 11ft 
All Boats
29ft to 30ft 12ft 


These are estimates, and work well with the majority of watercraft.  Your KeelShield should run from a point 6" above the resting water line to a point 2' behind where your boat would ever touch the beach.


Jet skis measure the flat section of the Hull from the first chine to the start of the intake grill, some Jet skis are not recommended, please contact us for details.


If you are unsure of the length you need you can reach us on 0272 497 822 or Email Us

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