The Results Are In: KeelShield® is the BEST!

These lab tests were conducted by Structural Composites, Inc. Each page below is a scan from their report on KeelShield's performance. The images can be enlarged by clicking on them.

The KeelShield 3M adhesive system wins out taking nearly 4 times the force to peel, compared to our nearest competitor Keel Guard.

Keel Guards "manufactured blend of the highest quality anti-abrasive materials" lost over 4 times its mass vs KeelShield with its "Dow urethane polymers" in abrasion resistance testing. PLUS we backed it up at another accredited lab proving KeelShield is the better of the two. Remember to look for the "GATOR" - You'll know you're getting the best.

Are the more expensive materials worth protecting your boat ? Lab testing proves it.

The difference is the KeelShield patented design is made of urethane polymers, the strongest materials not plastic or PVC-based. Only the best raw materials are used from Dow Polymers and BASF colors. Along with the strongest 3M advanced pressure adhesive system that is nearly twice as thick as the nearest competitor.

A 100% lifetime warranty on abrasion and adhesion is covered to the original purchaser. Anything that happens to your KeelShield is covered. Learn more about the KeelShield Warranty click here....


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