How to apply KeelShield to your boat in 5 easy steps


  Your Keelshield comes as a complete DIY Kit and can generally be installed in under an hour.
  (You will need to supply your own Isopropyl alcohol and paper towels)


 1. Prepare

     By etching the hull with the supplied etching pad

Preparing the Surface

 2. Clean

     Using Isopropyl alcohol
Preparing the Surface

 3. Prime

     With the supplied 3M Primer Activator

Adhesive Activator

 4. Peel

     Peel back the centre backing.

Installing Instructions

 5. Stick

     Work your way along the hull, peeling off the backing as you go.

     Start with the centre, then peel off the each side backing, by using  the

     supplied applicator tool you'll be surprised how easy it is.


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